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Vehicle Maintenance

Air Filters

A Breath of Fresh Air


Engine Air Filters

A serious contributor to fuel efficiency and engine performance is your engine air filter. Engines depend on clean air to operate optimally, and over time your air filter will start to get clogged from from dust, dirt and other road contaminants. When air filters are not serviced regularly they can lead to decreased performance, increased emissions and potentially major engine damage. When it’s time to service your vehicle bring it to Binx Auto, our industry trained professionals will ensure that your engine is performing at its very best.

Cabin Air Filters

A cabin air filters job is to help prevent dust, dirt, pollen and other debris from entering your vehicle. Keeping your cabin air filter serviced will not only stop this debris from getting in, it will also keep the air flowing through your vehicle helping ensure that you are getting maximum heat and a/c from the vents.

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