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Automotive A/C Repair & Recharge

It is a common occurrence in the summer time that people will get an auto AC recharge or repair performed. Alot of vehicle owners don’t know that it is equally important to keep your vehicle's air conditioning system operating properly during the colder months. Not only is AC used to keep your vehicle cool on the inside, it is also a safety feature and its ability to work as a dehumidifier to stop your windshield from fogging up all times of the year. Ever notice that when you press the defrost button your windshield can clear up almost instantly?, that’s thanks to your AC. Don’t spend another day unsafe and uncomfortable. If your cars AC is not operating properly Bring it down to the friendly trained professionals at Binx Automotive, with our specialty AC equipment and extensive training  we will ensure that your AC is working at its peak potential keeping you safe and your ride cool.

Why is My car’s AC is not working?

Over time vehicle's AC systems can become low on refrigerant and need an AC recharge performed. This is very common around the spring and summer months. However this does not always solve the problem at hand and further diagnostic tactics may need to be used, such as adding a UV dye to your car’s air conditioning system so special lights can be used to pinpoint small leaks. Other causes for AC faults can be a compressor and clutch that are not engaging or something as simple as a condenser that needs to be cleaned out. The expert technicians here at Binx Auto are trained to get your AC concerns diagnosed and resolved, getting you back on the road quick.


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