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Vehicle Repair

Brakes & ABS Systems



Maintaining your brakes is of upmost importance and should be a priority for your driving safety . Not only are worn down brake pads a safety concern, but when they have even the slightest issue it can affect your gas mileage and performance. Binx Auto wants our customers to have complete confidence that they can stop safely and remain in control of their vehicle.

Anti-Lock Breaking Systems

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a safety anti-skid braking system used on most modern vehicles. ABS operates by preventing the wheels from locking up during braking, thereby keeping traction between your car’s tires and the road. In most cases when there is a problem in your ABS system it prohibits the ABS from working at all. With the unpredictable road conditions that we encounter here in Alberta ABS is a safety feature that is crucial to keeping your vehicle where it belongs on the road. If you have an ABS Warning light illuminated on your dash do not hesitate to Book an appointment at Binx Automotive. We have the latest equipment to diagnose and repair all ABS systems.  


Common Reasons Cars are Brought in for Brake Repairs:


Squealing Brake Pads

  • Squealing in the brakes are typically due to brake pads wearing down to the point of requiring replacement. This is not always the case, sometimes it can simply be a glazing issue between the brake pad and rotor, or caused by a rock or other road debris stuck in your brake system. This is a situation that we would have to assess in person to know for sure.

Grinding Brakes

  • When you hear a grinding noise during braking this means that you have completely worn through your brake pad and the rotor is now in straight contact with the metal plate behind your brake pad or even worse your brake caliper. This metal on metal braking is a significant safety concern and should be addressed immediately. If left unattended it is guaranteed that more damage will be incurred and your safety will be at risk!  

Vehicle Shakes When Braking

  • You may feel a slight vibration in your seat or your steering wheel only when applying the brakes. This is a good indication that your brake rotors are warped and likely need to be machined or replaced. Routine brake maintenance is something that we encourage here at Binx Automotive. Our expert technicians are trained in today’s latest and greatest brake systems.


How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brakes?

  • There are many factors involved in determining the cost of a brake replacement. Our brake inspections cost $60.00, and a basic brake pad replacement starting at $199/axle. However this cost can vary due to several factors including but not limited to the size of your vehicle, and style of your vehicles braking system. The safety of your vehicle depends greatly on your brake system. If you have any concerns regarding your brakes don't hesitate to call our shop today at 780-968-2226

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