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Vehicle Repair

Belts & Hoses

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Timing Belt Service

Timing belts are an easy thing to forget about when you think of vehicle maintenance. And it is unfortunate that many people do not hear about their vehicles timing belt until it is too late and something has already gone bad. Your timing belt is a very hard working component in your vehicle and does not stop working at any point while your vehicle is running . For this reason the timing belts need regular maintenance performed on a routine schedule specific to your vehicle. Timing belts over time get brittle, worn and cracked. This can lead to the engine overheating or severe engine damage and leave your stranded. The trained professionals here at Binx Automotive know how important it is to keep your timing belt up to date. If you are unsure about your timing belt, call Binx Auto Today.

Belts & Hoses

Your vehicle's belts and hoses are maintenance items that are easy to overlook when thinking about routine servicing. Unfortunately issues with your belts and hoses can can cause major issues and possibly even leave you stranded. The trained technicians here at Binx Auto know how important it is to keep your belts and hoses in tip top shape, and we make sure to inform you about your belts and hose condition during all routine oil changes. Don’t  spend another day wondering about your serpentine belts and vehicle hoses, just come by Binx Automotive today.

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