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Vehicle Repair

Car Battery

Stay in Charge of Your Car Battery


Your vehicle's battery provides the electric power needed in order for it to operate. A battery is a critical element in maintaining a healthy vehicle, for without that your vehicle will not start possibly leaving you in an undesired situation. Your battery is not immune to Alberta’s extreme temperatures. Frigid temperatures have the tendency to drain your car's battery power at an accelerated rate, be extra cautious during the cold months!

Car Battery Servicing

Binx Auto’s technicians understand the stress of facing car battery troubles. Whether your car battery is drained & needs a charge, or you need a replacement, or perhaps your alternator is the problem. We will test to diagnose whether it is your battery or alternator that is causing the issue give us a call at 780-968-2226 and we’ll take care of you.


Signs Your Car Battery May Need Servicing:

  • The vehicle takes longer to start (or will not start at all)

  • Battery is dead

  • Check engine light is on

  • The battery is leaking or corroded

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