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Vehicle Repair

Exhaust System & Muffler Repair

Exhausted by a Loud, Under Performing Vehicle?


Your vehicle's exhaust system and muffler do more than just aid in making your vehicle run quietly, it plays an important role in the way that your engine performs and where your vehicles possibly harmful exhaust fumes are guided. Most often the first telltale sign that your exhaust system or muffler is failing is that your vehicle runs louder. Here at Binx Automotive, we know how important it is to keep your exhaust system in good shape. Not only to protect the health of your vehicle but, most importantly the health of you and your family.  


Signs that I Have an Exhaust Leak:


  • Check engine light is on

  • Gas pedal is vibrating

  • Your car engine is suddenly louder

  • You can constantly smell exhaust fumes


Although most of the time when an exhaust condition is present it is accompanied by one of these symptoms, there are times where they can go undetected by the driver. This is why it is important to bring your vehicle into Binx Auto for regular servicing and inspections.

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