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Vehicle Repair

Electrical Systems

It's Not All Smoke & Mirrors


Your vehicle’s electrical system is a key element in most operations of your vehicle. There are too many components to list. The backbone of the auto electrical system is the starting and charging systems. Any fault in this system can mean the lights will dim, turn off, or worse... Your car won’t start. Our industry trained professionals here at Binx Automotive can diagnose and repair these auto electrical faults.

If Your Car Won’t Start

There is a multitude of things that can go wrong that could be the cause of a vehicle not starting. Our trained auto technicians here at Binx Auto can provide the best service you need and help determine what is causing the problem.  One way we do this is by running an AVR test – Amperage Voltage Resistance – which tests your battery, your charging system, and your car’s starting system. After completing a thorough test on the entire auto electrical system for your car, we will locate what is causing the problem and let you know the best way to fix it.


Don’t get stuck in the dark! Visit Binx Automotive today.

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